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U.S. mass media relies on Latina financial planning expert Elaine King, who shares her experience, insights and knowledge after helping more than 1,200 people reach their financial goals.

Huffpost, America's global news portal, turned to CFP Board ambassador Elaine King for advice on little-known rules for achieving financial wellness. King, who has helped thousands of people reach their financial goals, recommends having one long-term and several medium-term goals. You can learn all the details on the web.

During April, Elaine King was invited by Ellevate Miami | Fort Lauderdale to share her experiences and knowledge on helping more women achieve financial wellness.

NerdWallet, a leading financial company, welcomed certified financial advisor and bilingual international speaker Elaine King as an expert to reflect on how we can get out of the financial rut. Read her important money advice at this link.

Major media outlets rely on the renowned financial advisor to talk about current financial events in the United States.

Univision Radio, one of the most important Spanish-language networks in the United States, invited the founder of Family & Money Matters to their program Buenos Días América to talk about the myths about credit scores that can prevent us from improving our credit. Among other topics, the financial expert mentioned the importance of maintaining a good credit score and how it can benefit us whether we are applying for credit or looking for a job. Watch the full interview here.

Telemundo, one of the leading television networks, hosted Elaine King in their show Hoy Día, where she shared insightful information about the impact of Tik Tok in the United States and the consequences of a possible closure. The full segment can be seen here.

The Latina financial expert provides essential tips for saving in times of inflation. CFP asked Elaine King for her key points when it comes to saving in inflationary climate. The certified financial advisor recommends automating savings, adjusting the emergency fund, and minimizing debt. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Visión Latina TV consulted with Elaine King in her program La voz de la ciudad. She talked about the major concerns of U.S. workers during this time of inflation, and recommended setting short and long-term goals, as well as assigning a percentage of the salary to a separate savings account, and thus achieving peace of mind to invest in professional training.

Elaine King has what you're looking for to achieve your wealth goals. She has helped thousands of people achieve financial wellness with her advice. Don't wait any longer, book your appointment now!

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