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Elaine King is a Top Certified Financial Planner and Expert in Women’s Unique Needs

As a Latina woman, Elaine King offers a unique perspective in her work as a financial planner. Her background and expertise have made her a leader in the financial planning space. Recently, the founder of the Family and Money Matters Institute has participated in various important conferences and events where she has shared her knowledge and diverse experience in the finance industry. Additionally, she’s shared advice and recommendations in prestigious publications.

At the Women Who Lead Summit, Money Edition, King shared uplifting tips and advice aimed at helping women make more money, multiply it, and protect it. The conference offered a great opportunity for hundreds of women to connect and grow. International key Fortune 500 companies were in attendance at this important event. 

King was also a key speaker and financial planning expert at the Mentoring Space: Building Wealth conference. This webinar was focused on helping parents raise their children to be millionaires. From a young age, King explains, children can learn important money lessons and habits that can lead to great decision-making related to finances throughout life. 

As an expert financial planner, King’s expertise was also shared with women who are mothers and professionals in major publications. Her article about what to do with a mid-year bonus or tax return was featured in the leading Peruvian publication Peru21. In an article in the most prestigious finance journal in Peru, Gestión, King advised readers to consider investing in bonds, which can be a low-risk investment option. 

More specifically geared toward women, King shared unique concerns that women might have when planning for retirement. Her guest contribution to the CFP® blog helps women answer three major questions they might consider when contemplating retirement. Also on the CFP® blog, King shared money tips for making your dreams for international travel come true. 

King was also a guest on Margaret Buró’s podcast, Consejo de Familia, where she shared advice about organizing finances, how to plan for succession, and how our childhood understanding of finances impacts our money decisions as adults. Listen to the full podcast here

Additionally, King’s expertise as a financial planner and mediator shone in her advice on young couples considering moving in together. As a featured personal finance expert in a Moneywise article, King offered tips on discussing finances. She also suggested best practices for splitting bills. 

Planning for your finances is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life, choose someone you can trust and who has a diversified international perspective, Elaine King is here to help. Book your consultation here! 


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