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The Ultimate Financial Survival Kit for Couples

Did you know that 75% of the time that couples separate it is because of financial discrepancies?  Maybe this is a trend because we tend to be attracted to someone with an opposite financial personality.  In a relationship, odds are that one partner has a different idea of finances than the other partner.  Spenders end up with savers and savers end up with spenders.

A saver demonstrates their love by saving for the future, talking about long term goals and organizing the finances.  The spender buys things for the house, thinks of the present and finds things to improve short term hopes and dreams.  One is usually deemed a “cheapskate” and the other a “spendthrift.”  Being at odds over fundamental spending habits inevitably leads to disagreements over finances. This can lead to financial stress and tension in the relationship.

Financial planning is essential to ensuring the longevity of relationships as well as the financial success of those relationships.  It is important to tackle the financial components of relationships.  

Being at odds over opposing financial personalities creates challenges for the financial success of the individuals and the relationship.  

Personal trouble with finances can also lead to lower productivity in the work place.  Particularly for those who work from home.  Telecommuting is becoming more popular and employers need to address the financial survival of their employees to ensure good productivity.  

To deal with these issues Elaine King will teach the audience how to identify financial personalities and evaluate tendencies with money.  She will share the key to creating a financially healthy relationship with your partner.

What will the audience take away from this presentation?

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