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The Insider’s Guide To Social Impact

The process of investing is evolving along a similar path toward solutions that are progressive, sustainable, and increase social welfare.  Traditionally, portfolios have been built by selecting those companies, sectors, and markets that are expected to provide the highest financial return given an acceptable amount of risk to achieve long term goals and objectives.   The success or failure of the portfolio was based on the amount of money gained or lost over a finite time period.  However, today, a new type of investing – impact investing – seeks not just the achievement of financial rewards but also social goals. It satisfies a deeper need on the part of investors to know not just that their money is growing but also helping their social causes or communities of interest.  

There are no standards for how much one should invest in impact investing.  This is a completely personal decision, based on your own objectives and values.   

Investing today has a deeper purpose and so should your overall financial planning.  The comprehensive process of planning should include clear goals, expectations and involvement of a Certified Financial Planner™ professional.  Take advantage of including social impact investments into a portion of your portfolio. While it may not give you the highest financial return, it will empower you to focus on what really counts in life – contributing towards a sustainable community.

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