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People Magazine and Univision, Among Others, Seek Elaine King as Keynote Speaker

More in-demand than ever, Elaine King has been making in-person and virtual appearances at events and in the media. Prominent media companies like People Magazine, Univision, Telemundo, and XY Planning Network, are just a few of the brands that have reached out to request the presence of the Latin CFP®. 

In the recent 2022 edition of “People En Español Poderosas”, Elaine King was featured alongside other experts as she led a panel about generational wealth. This is a hot topic for many families who are seeking to pass on not only financial wealth but also values and knowledge that will help their families flourish into the future. King is an experienced keynote speaker who is capable of commanding the attention of large audiences. Book her for your event today!

King was also sought out by a leading Latin American university to empower high school students with a workshop on financial literacy. Guiding both parents and students through a workshop titled the 7 Steps for a Shining Future, the founder of the Family and Money Matters Institute set students up with an important foundation in financial education. 

Major Spanish language TV networks Univision and Telemundo featured King as an expert in financial planning in two separate segments. On “Despierta America,” the international expert in family finances explained how parents can teach children to manage money. King offered an explanation of and tips for coping with inflation on the program “Hoy Dia”, helping viewers make sound decisions for their personal finances.

Finally, XY Planning Network, an exclusive network of financial planning professionals, interviewed King on their podcast. During the interview, King gets vulnerable and shares her experiences as a bestselling author and business owner. She also gives advice to others starting their business journeys. 

Do you need an expert in financial planning for your media story or a keynote speaker for your event? Contact Elaine King today! 

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