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Millionaires in Training – The ABCs of Money for Kids

Most kids learn how to value and manage money from their parents. Without an understanding of good financial practices families tend to live beyond their means. This usually results in little savings, limited options, and sometimes even bankruptcy.  As consumer culture continues to grow and dominate financial spending, more and more people are becoming vulnerable to financial failure. 

Parents have the ability to instill financial confidence in their kids early on in life.  Studies have shown that children as young as 7 begin to develop skills that will determine their success in life.  It is imperative that parents demonstrate good financial planning habits and money values for their children.  Children are not being taught financial literacy in school.  Parents have to set the example to ensure their children’s future financial success.

Most children can only gain the self-confidence to successfully manage money from their parents.  A good understanding of fiscal responsibility can set up children to have any future they desire.  Knowing how to save and use their money wisely is an invaluable skill for any occupation.

In this workshop Elaine King will provide exercises for the audience to complete.  These exercises will provide the catalyst for ensuring your children have a bright financial future.  The audience will learn how to divide money for saving, use, sharing, and growth.  To put it into context King will also teach the audience the how, when and where of organizing money.

What will the audience take away from this workshop?

Who would benefit from this? Private schools, summer camps, PTAs, early childhood education centers.

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