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Financial expert Elaine King visits Telemundo and provides advice on becoming a millionaire

Telemundo, Investopedia and People en Español rely on certified financial advisor Elaine King and her advice on how to achieve financial well-being. The prominent Latina author visited various media and talked with different financial figures, with whom she reflected on how to achieve our financial goals and avoid the distractions that keep us away from wellness.

More than 420,000 people became millionaires thanks to the 401K in 2023. Telemundo News reported this relevant figure, which represents a 20% growth compared to previous periods. To comment on this, the prestigious international network invited leading pioneer Elaine King to reflect on how you too can become a millionaire with a positive savings culture.

Certified financial planner and creator of Family & Money Matters and Family and Money Matters Institute™, Elaine King, shared strategies for wealth preservation on Investopedia, a prestigious international economic portal. "The way to achieve this is by investing your time in good financial habits that will gradually grow to allow you to do what you want with your money," the expert emphasized.

Bestselling author of eight books on financial wellness, Elaine King shared her thoughts and experiences with leading investor Javier Miñana about the common mistakes we make when developing our family's financial plan. Watch the full program here and don't fall into these blunders. Also, in a conversation with the well-known coach and family business expert Mauricio Chaparro, he provided a series of tips to organize our finances, and the steps to develop a financial plan. The interesting conversation is available at this link.

"You can make money, but not time" commented the Top 100 Investopedia Financial Advisor for Investopedia magazine. In the interview for the prominent media, the financial advisor stressed the importance of investing in oneself and provided certain keys to achieve it.

King was one of the experts consulted by Investopedia to share her best rules for investing. Always aligned with her purpose of financial well-being, the award-winning financial advisor recommended always making investments that are consistent with your personal values. To read the full article, click on this link.

To develop the issue of financial distractions, the Latina speaker invited the renowned entrepreneur Cristhian Leon to her podcast, with whom she shared an interesting overview on how we often find it difficult to focus on our financial goals due to various distractions and the information oversaturation. The distinguished guest gave valuable advice and reflections on how uncertainty and ignorance are two aspects that push us to distraction in finances. Learn more about the topic at this link.

Start living financial wellness and achieving your goals on becoming a millionaire with financial leader Elaine King. Elaine has helped hundreds of people turn their dreams into reality. Don't wait any longer and schedule an appointment today.

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