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Elaine King’s Online Finance Courses Attract 15K Students with a 5-Star Rating

In-demand expert in family and business finances Elaine King has reached over 15 thousand students through her online courses. Available through Crehana, the Peru-born leading online learning platform in Latin America, King’s courses are a hot item with an average rating of 5 stars! Choose between “Finanzas Personales”, “Finances para emprendedores,” and “Finanzas para Freelancers.” Any of these courses are perfect as a professional development opportunity for your staff. Alternatively, if you’re starting your own business, these courses will help you get and keep your finances on track. Learn more about these courses and how they can help you achieve your financial goals! So far, these courses have helped thousands of individuals achieve personal finance goals, improve finances in their start-ups and build their understanding of finances.

As a popular, well-known Latinx expert in financial matters, Elaine King has also been featured on the top Spanish-language TV network, Telemundo. Her interviews covered timely topics such as how inflation may affect your budget, methods for debt consolidation, and how to create an emergency fund. King’s segment with Telemundo on “the Latte factor” went viral on social media, acquiring thousands of views.  With 20 years of experience in the industry and 8 books under her belt, King’s advice and insights are spot on for both business owners and individuals alike. 

Thanks to her extensive experience, King’s international expertise is also sought out by American media. Recently, her expertise on current trends in finances was requested for a MoneyWise article. MoneyWise is a leading provider of news, advice, and tools related to personal finances online. In the article, King offered wisdom on the popular budgeting method known as “cash stuffing” or the “envelope method.” King noted that this method makes spending money more tangible, meaning it’s easier to notice when you go over budget, a key skill in these volatile times. 

Do you need a dynamic and knowledgeable expert in finances to run a workshop for your institution to inspire financial well-being? Get in touch with Elaine King to discuss your needs today! 

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