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Elaine King Leads the Way in Financial Education and Planning for Families

Bilingual expert in virtual family offices and family planning, Elaine King, continues to offer important advice and tips as a speaker and podcast guest. In addition, she is always sharpening her skills by participating in educational experiences alongside other leaders in the family office industry.

As an expert in the finances of multigenerational families, King spoke at an event organized by UPC, one of the top universities in Peru. She partners with the university to inspire parents and children to plan financially for post-secondary education. In her speeches, she provided action points on the importance of financial education and clear communication between parents and children. 

undefinedThe Latinx financial planner was also a guest on the podcast, Consejo de Familia, a podcast dedicated to topics related to family businesses hosted by Margaret Buró. During the episode, King shared important information for families about wealth and providing financial education to children. King explains that it’s important to recognize different generational experiences with money. Older generations experienced a different cost of living. In the past, people spent as much as 95% of their income on food. Today, it’s different. So, King explained that we must teach the next generations to use money as a positive and constructive force in the world. One important topic is how we organize money, King added. King explained that parents should teach their children to use various bank accounts and categories for using money, which include: sharing, growing, using, and saving.

To further her expertise, King joined other finance experts and world leaders for Babson College’s Global Symposia for Entrepreneurship Educators. Staying on campus, King participated in the exciting event that focused on how to teach entrepreneurship in innovative ways. King is a strong advocate of continued learning at any age. At the symposium, King learned that it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and people who prioritize growth so that you can also prosper. 


King is an expert in helping families make comprehensive plans to manage their wealth. She is also available for giving workshops and keynote speeches related to family wealth and financial education. Get in touch to discuss your needs today!

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