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Elaine King is a Top Investopedia Advisor with a Woman's Perspective

As a female CFP® professional, Elaine King has a unique perspective on financial planning. With her own experience as a woman, King can relate to women’s needs and experiences related to finances. King’s work highlights her expertise on women’s economic and financial needs. 

In support of Latinas, Elaine King participated in the Latina Next Congress and was interviewed by Frances Rios. In her interview, King discussed that it’s important for women to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude rather than the attitude of an employee. With this attitude, King explained that women can take control of their finances and create new sources of income. King also compared managing finances similar to taking care of your health. While your budget can be compared to how many calories you consume, you also need to exercise. In finances, other sources of income such as real estate or a side gig, are your exercise. 

On the leading TV show, People’s Magazine VIP, King was also a special guest. In the segment, which covered improving finances in 2023, King explained how parents can involve their children in the budget. 



In addition, King shared how families can save money while shopping. She offers special tips that can help mothers save when shopping for groceries, clothing, or school supplies. For example, always make a list, as people who don’t have shopping lists tend to spend more. 

The Lantix financial planner also has advice about investing that can be especially useful for women. King wrote a column for the prestigious Peruvian finance newspaper, Gestion, covering bonds. While bonds may not seem as sexy as other investments, they can still play an important role in your financial plan. One benefit of bonds is that they can be more steady than stocks even in the face of market volatility. 

Then, on Telemundo, the leading Spanish-language TV channel, King shared important tips for women who are struggling. For women who are going through a divorce or experiencing financial difficulties, King reveals that creativity is the answer. Even for women feeling hopeless, King explains that there are opportunities to start new businesses and take advantage of changes in the economy. For example, King says that people can start a business inspired by challenges instead of complaining about them.

Discover how Elaine King can help you improve your finances! As a female financial expert, Elaine King will understand your unique concerns. Book your consultation here! 

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