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Elaine King, International Finance Expert Offers Wisdom on National Savings Day in Peru

As a highly respected international finance expert, Elaine King originally born in Lima, Peru is frequently sought out to provide financial education and advice in Latin American countries. King helped create and promote a National Savings Day program in her native country of Peru. 

The most prestigious Peruvian finance newspaper, Gestión, worked with King to create a series of articles to promote National Savings Day. The campaign featured topics such as how to create an emergency fund with 6 months of spending. In another article, the international financial educator offered strategies for saving during an economic crisis. Additionally, King gave tips about how to cut back on spending. The bilingual financial planner also recommended that people set goals and a purpose for the money they’re saving while also making saving a habit.

Her columns are a regular feature in Gestión. In another recent column, the bestselling author discussed strategies for increasing passive income. King is available to write similar columns and business articles for your organization or publication. Get in touch to learn more! 

The Latin American educator also led a workshop for the nonprofit organization, Enseña Peru. The organization provides educational opportunities for students who come from low-income families. In the session, King worked with teachers to offer them insights into the value of money. The workshop also highlighted how teachers can teach their students about the importance of creating good financial habits from an early age.

Also in Peru, King led a virtual conference with over 1200 registrants hosted by We Talk UPC. The conference focused on professional opportunities in international and family finances. The bilingual financial educator helped provide potential students with a glimpse into her international career. King’s own life and her diverse upbringing and experiences provided inspiration for students hoping to work abroad. 

Do you need a motivational financial expert with a diverse background for your next institutional or corporate event in Latin America? Contact bilingual financial planner, Elaine King today! 

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