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Elaine King Shares Knowledge in Prestigious Publications and Online Courses

Thanks to her extensive experience working with Latinx multigenerational family businesses and creating effective family governance plans, Elaine King has been sought in both the USA and Latin America for her family governance expertise. She has been sought out by prestigious publications and learning platforms to share her expertise.

Lorman, a leading education provider in continuing education credits and customized trainings for businesses and key advisors such as attorneys and accountants, has recently added a course taught by Elaine King. Titled “10 Mistakes Most Family Businesses Make”, the course aims to guide business owners through commonly made mistakes related to family, money, business, and shareholders. An enlightening course, it includes a certificate of completion and can help family businesses course correct many aspects of their family enterprise.

On a similar family governance topic, Gestión, the leading business newspaper in Peru, also featured King’s expertise in a guest column. Covering the topic of multigenerational wealth management, the column explores the wide range of ways older generations can pass financial resources to younger generations. Adopting a broad definition of the concept, King encourages readers to consider purposefully transmitting not only economic resources but also values and education. 

King’s thought piece on Patagonia’s CEO, Yvon Chouinard, and his decision to make Earth the only stakeholder in his company was also featured in American Retail. Her careful analysis of this decision sheds light on her approach as a family business coach and consultant. 

Elaine King can help your family enterprise create a family decision-making plan and improve your financial and human capital, and more! Contact her to discuss your needs today! 

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