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Elaine King Empowers Women in Keynote Speeches at FTA and Spark Women

As a female financial planner, Elaine King has a unique perspective on women and their relationships with money. Her experience working with over 1,200 families has made her an in-demand keynote speaker and expert in personal finances. Plus, King grew up in Peru during uncertain economic times, which gives her added insights. In particular, she strives to empower women by providing financial strategies, lessons, and advice unique to women’s needs and experiences. 

As a keynote speaker at the Financial Therapy Association (FTA) Conference, Elaine King offered strategic tips and lessons on the topic of “The Emotional Side of Money.” The FTA is a prestigious organization that hosts an annual conference for mental health and finance professionals. In her talk, Elaine explained how our emotions impact financial decisions and attitudes. Most of the time, our emotions and attitudes toward money are unconscious. They may be passed down through the generations. We must become aware of these influences and heal in order to take action on our finances. 

In addition, the founder of Family and Money Matters was a special guest on “The Most Hated F Word Podcast” hosted by Shaun Maslyk. In the podcast about financial well-being, King highlighted the fact that wealth and financial well-being involve more than how much money is in your bank account. The highly sought-after financial planner explained that “wealth is balance.” She believes that wealth involves financial, intellectual, social, and human capital elements, or “FISH.” Additionally, she recommends that couples “have shared goals and you must also have individual goals.” Having individual goals helps avoid resentment for dreams given up in favor of the couple’s goals, she explained. Furthermore, the relationship should involve open, honest discussions about finances. Listen to the full episode here!

The bestselling author was also a guest speaker at Spark Women by Luly B. Held at Florida International University, the event attracted 250 women in transition. The theme for this year’s event was “Stories of grace under fire, compassion, and courage.” King spoke about financial well-being with a purpose and her own story of resilience when her life came to a breaking point. Most importantly, she encouraged each woman to find her own purpose and meaning to thrive.

Additionally, King was sought out by the influential finance website, Market Watch, as a personal finance expert. The article, which spoke about billionaire Mark Cuban’s advice about saving for emergencies, highlighted King’s wisdom on planning for a more secure future. Specifically, she shared that when it comes to an emergency fund, “while six months may be acceptable right now, the pandemic showed us that liquid [savings] for 12 months is best.” People with variable or uncertain income should prioritize creating a savings plan. 

Are you a woman in transition, going through a life-changing event who needs to make smart financial decisions? Work with Elaine King to crush your financial and business goals! 

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