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Elaine King a Top Interview Guest for Hispanic and Spanish Language  Media Companies

As a Latinx bilingual financial expert, Elaine King is sought after by major Spanish-language media companies. From popular TV programs designed for Hispanic audiences to major news publications, King is often invited to interviews thanks to her expertise as one of Investopedia’s Top Advisor.

Recently, the personal finance expert appeared on CNÑ Dinero where she gave important advice about celebrating Valentine’s Day without going into debt. King recommended that couples purchase using cash rather than a credit card to avoid overspending and debt. In addition, she offered creative solutions for those who want to celebrate, but are on a budget. For example, couples might choose to agree on an experience or weekend trip that they pay for together. 

King’s advice for couples on Valentine’s Day was also featured in various prestigious Peruvian media outlets including Peru 21, Gestión, and La República. Additional advice for keeping costs down includes avoiding buying last-minute gifts and planning creative ways to celebrate at home. 

King’s expertise in personal and family finances was also sought out by the leading Spanish language channel, Telemundo, on their popular morning show Hoy Día. In the segment, King shared how couples can provide financial education to their children. From involving kids in the family budget to encouraging children to make their own money, King offered some great tips. 

In another Telemundo segment, King also gave advice on how to spend your tax refund and avoid fights over finances with your spouse. The bilingual financial planner recommended that instead of spending their refund, people should save or invest the money. She also recommended that families consider starting their own businesses that will help grow their income.  

Finally, the Latinx financial planner offered important tips for couples. Financial incompatibility can be a major problem for couples, so King recommends that couples focus on educating themselves together. Plus, all couples should have an emergency fund, which she says can help reduce stress over money problems. Additionally, couples should create a budget based on shared goals. Learn more about tips for couples in her 5-star online courses!

Elaine King is an experienced expert in finances for couples and people relationships. Working with Elaine will guide you so that your personal and professional relationships are productive and thriving. Get in touch today! 

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