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Cultivating Trustworthy and Lasting Financial Client Relationships

There are over 75,000 financial planners around the world but only a small percentage of satisfied clients. Most clients do not continue working with financial planners because they don’t feel heard. Aside from good listening skills it is important for financial planners to gather as much information from clients as possible. Understanding life and financial factors affecting each client’s situation is necessary to be able to provide them with the best possible information.

In a recent study it was discovered that the number one reason why clients can’t sleep at night is because they are worried about their family’s well being. Knowing that their family has what they need and are cared for is the highest priority for an individual with a family. As a financial planner, you must share the priorities of your clients.

It is essential for financial planners to keep up with the latest trends to provide their clients with the most accurate information. Arming clients with financial strategies is especially important because of how volatile the financial climate has become.

Creating your own unique approach to financial success will create a marketing platform and a unique niche for you. Find your unique style by considering your most proven process for financial success. Your proven process needs to include flexibility so it can be adapted to your clients needs. Having some flexibility in you approach or strategy will allow you to maximize each clients financial potential.

In this workshop Elaine King will share the secrets of being a successful financial planner. As an international expert on financial planning, she is the best resource for any financial planner to gain knowledge on how to improve their business.

What will the audience take away from this workshop?
• Address the most important priorities and expectations of your clients
• Evaluate the industry and its competitive advantages
• Share the 4 strategies of successful families
• Create a plan for an ongoing process
• Share best practices for financial planners

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