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CNN and leading media turn to top 10 Latina financial expert to offer advice to couples and families

Elaine King was presented in various international media and reflected on the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with money within couples and families. She introduced a fun game to improve financial communication and talked about "financial infidelity" and how it can affect relationships.

As a part of her pursuit of economic well-being in the family unit, Elaine King, founder of Family & Money Matters and Family and Money Matters Institute™, explained on CNN Dinero what financial infidelity is and how to identify it. She also offered some tips on how to prevent it from happening to us.

The local channel's program on WLRN Ante Usted hosted the leading financial expert, who shared key ideas to improve harmony and communication in couples to avoid the breakdown of relationships. During the talk, King presented a financial game she has designed, which aims to improve financial communication in all relationships: couples, family, friends, etc. The game presents key steps to strengthen our financial ties.

Appointed as one of People en Español's "25 Powerful Women," Elaine King gave important advice on how to overcome the fear associated with saving and how to get the most out of our finances. The renowned Latina expert indicated that the most important thing is to set a goal that motivates us. Likewise, as a financial leader in the U.S. Hispanic community, she revealed the best secrets to save as a family and make money a positive force in our lives.

The family business podcast Consejo de Familia hosted international speaker Elaine King on several occasions to receive her sound financial advice. In the elite program, the Latina financial leader talked extensively about building financial intelligence and offered advice to families on how to achieve financial health. Listen to her strategies here. She also discussed how habits such as withholding information regarding finances within a couple can be considered financial infidelity and stressed the importance of dialogue and honesty within relationships to avoid this problem. Listen to the conversation here.

In her extensive experience, Elaine King has provided financial advice to hundreds of couples. As a result of her knowledge on this topic, she published a column in the prestigious Peruvian economic newspaper Gestión, in which she gave valuable insights on how to avoid financial problems within a relationship. You can read the complete article at this link. While disagreements over money can quickly become a source of tension and conflict, the financial leader explains best practices and advice for dealing with finances as a couple.

Elaine King is a renowned financial planner, internationally recognized speaker, and bestselling author of several books on financial education for children and adults. You can find them here.

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